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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loving the Weather!

The weather this past weekend and today is wonderful!  It is in the 80's and the sun is shining.  Since we have had many, many days of over 100 degree heat, this is heavenly!  I have opened windows and turned the AC off.  The weatherman tells us that the temps will go up again next week, but maybe, just maybe he/she is wrong!  I'd like for this to continue for awhile.  Some rain would also be welcome.
The wind has been blowing, and the drought we have been in is causing a lot of people a lot of grief.  There have been numerous wildfires all around Texas, and our heart goes out to those who are hurting.  I cannot even imagine what it must be like to lose everything you have to a fire - our prayers are with them as they heal.

I have been busy with customers quilts and have had little time to work on my own, but this weekend I took a break and got out a work in progress that has been around for several years.  It is an appliqued "Vintage Valentine" that was a block of the month at my LQS.  I kept up pretty well until the final block which was the medallion, and then three of the blocks were lost for several months.  So, it all got put in a box and shoved under the table.  I took it out, trimmed the blocks to the proper size and laid it out on the floor of the studio.  Now I am ready to border and quilt it.  If I'm really efficient, I might get it done before a certain wedding and it would make a nice surprise gift.  I am trying to embellish it some more, but I might wait until I finish quilting it.  Here's a pic I took of my studio floor last night!

What do you think?  Wedding gift? Or should I just keep it!! 

School has started here and my Texas grandkids are back in the groove.  The youngest started kindergarten this year and loves it.  My daughter sent a pic to me of the first day of class for both of them - I thought I would cry - I have many memories of my children on the first day of school. We took similar pics of them every year!

My other grandkids from the Northwest started school this week - I am waiting for those pics! 

I'm going on a road trip with a friend this next weekend, so I'll have a lot to report when I get back. Until then - spend some time in your studio and have fun.



  1. Don't you just love the weather like this? I'm enjoying the cooler weather too. My sister lost her home a few years back to fire and I saw it happen. Devastating! I saw her go through it and cried for her. I was so grateful no one was hurt but she lost everything. It is not easy to go through and start over. I'm praying for all the people too and hope they make it out ok.

    Your quilt is lovely. That would be a nice gift for your daughter but does she like applique? Would she like something like this? Is she quilt worthy? I know we've talked about this....It's lovely and I know it will be beautiful when you finish it. Let's get together soon, my DH is going to Seattle this week and I'll be free. Can I come visit?