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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not enough time in my day!

Seems like this is a recurring theme in my posts-I could use a couple more hours each day. But when I'm busy, I'm happy!

I've just had a great visit with my oldest granddaughter from Seattle-she shares my love of sewing, quilting and crafts. She started a nine patch quilt while she was here, using squares that a friend had cut out and given to me, knowing how much I love scrap quilts. I was so impressed with her sewing skills-her quarter inch seam was precise and straight. Her color selections were great - she has a better grasp of contrast than I do. 

The weather is finally getting better here - it is actually in the 60 degree range right now (but it will get to the 90s by noon). Still much better than it was. I have started training again for a 5K run in November-but running on my treadmill is not the same as running outside so I'm looking forward to early morning runs at the track. The cooler weather is what I have needed to start pushing a little harder. My six year old grandson is running in the same race- he told me he was going to "leave me in his dust". He probably will!

I'm not sure what this is going to look like on the blog since I'm writing it on my iPad - I've attached a couple of pictures - one of my granddaughter and one of the beginnings of a quilt I am making with 9 patches (3 inch) from a swap we are doing in my small quilting group. I'm liking it.

Enough for now - keep those sewing machines humming!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! 
Have a fun, safe, and relaxing day, and  remember that Freedom is Not Free!  
We must all do our part to keep our country great!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Great weekend

It was another beautiful weekend in Texas! My hubby and I worked outside in the yard and cleaned the chicken coop! Sounds like a really yucky job, but it really is not bad! And the "girls" reward us with such lovely and delicious eggs! After Mass, Saturday evening we went to a concert presented by the Tri-County Choral group -they were wonderful! The grand kids spent the night with us, and that is always a treat. Sunday, Glenda came over and quilted with me- we had a fun time visiting and planning for next weekend's quilting retreat. More on that later - I'll post pics of that fun weekend. I finished the second quilt for my daughter, Angela, in Seattle. I think it turned out quite well.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another finish!

My daughter in Seattle sent me a couple of quilt tops to quilt that had been made by second grade First Communion students in the school where she teaches.  These quilts will be given to sick children when they are finished!  I finished the first last night and put it in the mail today.  I just did a simple meander on it, but it turned out well.

 I asked my daughter if she was going to bind it herself, and had she ever bound a quilt before.  She told me that she hadn't but that Amy, her 12 year old daughter (and one of my very special granddaughters!) had bound the quilt that she made and she could show her how!  Love it!!

Busy life

The weather is just beautiful here in Texas right now.  Spring is my favorite time of year.  My yard is green - around here if it is green and grows, we call it a lawn, even if most of it is weedy!  It is still pretty.  My hubby has been known to mow around the weedy flowers just so I'll have something pretty to look at!  He also mows around birds nests that are on the ground until the birdies have hatched. Before Easter, he also mowed mazes in the back so the grand kids would have places to hide eggs.  They loved it!   So if you drive by my house and notice that there are some unmowed areas, that is the reason.
This is a pic of my youngest granddaughter during our egg hunt! See that maze!! 

My tomato plants are blooming - and the weeds are threatening to take over the garden already!  We've already had lots of asparagus, and I've used some of my herbs in cooking!  It should be a great year for gardening if we have enough rain, and fewer water restrictions than last year.

I've been so busy at work that I haven't gotten a lot of quilting done, but I have finished a quilt for my friend, Sonya.  Below is a pic of her quilt on the Gammill.

I'm off to the post office and for a walk with my hubby - actually we are combining both and walking to the post office to mail a package.  Multi-tasking!  Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catching up

It has been over a month since I've had time to update everyone.  I have been busy and stressed and just could not bring myself to sit down at night and write anything!  I have quilted several quilts and I didn't even take pictures of them!  My quilting group at our library decided to make a quilt to donate to the library for fund raising, so we are in the process of putting that one together.  It will be Bonnie Hunter's Texas Braid - and it is looking good.  When I get a few more rows put together I'll take a picture and post it!  I know I will be buying several raffle tickets for this one!

I have a quilt from a friend on the Gammill right now - it is a beautiful quilt with wildflower print fabrics and wildflower photos combined.  I am quilting it with a freehand flower and leaf motif - so far it looks good

I don't have a lot of time each evening to work in my studio since I'm working more hours with my husband these days, but I try to have several projects lined up and ready when I do get to quilt.  My weekends are my prime time for quilting and sewing - and I love to have friends come over and "play" with me.  

Last fall, one of my uncles, my Uncle Charlie, passed away - he was such a sweet guy - was a WW2 vet.  He will be sorely missed.  I went to be with my cousin for the funeral preparations, and we had a lot of moments talking about memories and times past.  Her mother, Aunt Bea, was a special lady, too, - we lost her several years ago - but she was my inspiration.  She was quite the homemaker and seamstress, and she always had words of wisdom for me when I visited.  While I was there, my cousin, Susan,  pulled out a sack with an unfinished hexagon quilt in it - and gave it to me. I was so touched and honored that she would share it with me, and  I promised myself that I would work on finishing it for her.  I pulled it out tonight and pressed the pieces that Aunt Bea had cut out, and planned on what I needed to do to it.  It is all stitched by hand - no English paper piecing - just cut out hexies.  It needs some repairs - and I will do that by hand.  I almost set down to the sewing machine to stitch up a couple of blocks, but I stopped and decided that I would do this the "old fashioned way" . I made a template to cut more hexies out of freezer paper, and cut (using scissors - no rotary cutter!) several more pieces for the quilt.  I don't know if I'll go so far as to say I'll hand quilt it because after all, I am a long-arm quilter!  But I will stitch the rest of it by hand!
Here's a pic of it --

On my birthday, my cousin sent me the little handwork box that her mother made and used and it sits by my chair in the living room - and it will hold hexies while I'm working on this quilt.  Thanks, Susan, for sharing this with me!

Time to go to bed!  My hubby just stuck his head in the room and asked me if I was coming, and Chico is even ready to call it a night!   We have a busy day tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It has been a very busy time in our household!  Christmas came and went, and I'm still behind!  I've done some quilting, some knitting, some general sewing, but mostly, I've worked!  My husband and I have a business ( since 1983) and this economy has been hard on it.  We have downsized, and that meant laying off people - so sad, because they had worked with us for many years, and are like family.  We hope to climb out of this hole soon, but in the meantime, I am doing the job that used to be done by two people.  I am missing my assistant - she was the one that was the backbone of the office!  When I get home at night, I'm tired.  And there is still stuff at home to do!  The creative juices are still there, but there is just not enough time to create!  We are in the process of moving the office home and that is a good thing.  But it takes a lot of time and energy to do your job, pack stuff so you can find it when you move, and organize the new home office.  There's not a lot of time left over for anything else.  I keep telling myself that this too shall pass.   I just wish it would hurry and that I didn't have to go through it!  

Enough of my whining!

I did get a baby quilt made for my assistant's grand baby before she left!  It was a cute panel print and was super easy, but it turned out really nice.  

I've also made a couple of pincushions - they were so easy!  I did the embroidery on my Bernina, sewed and stuffed them - it was a quick project, and sometimes a person needs something to kick start them - this was it for me!
I'm working on several projects right now - I finished the embroidery and the piecing on the Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt that I'm making for a special little girl named Sarah, shown in the picture below being held by my hubby!  

It will be the next quilt on my Gammill. I'll post a pic when I get it on the machine! The pattern is from The Painted Quilt blog designed by Kaaren Johnston.  She is such a talented lady and has designed many beautiful quilts and wall hangings.  I did one of her wall hangings as a gift for our hostess for my trip to Illinois and Kentucky back in the summer.

This weekend, I'm meeting with the Library quilting group to make a donation quilt for our little library here in town.  We've decided to do a Texas Braid - pattern by Bonnie K. Hunter.  I'll take pics - it should be a lot of fun, and will be used as a fund raiser for new books and programs.  

I'll close with a pic I took of my rosemary bush this past weekend - this is February, and it's Texas - 
I'm ready for Spring!