Welcome to my life - full of Quilty Treasures and Family!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I got to do some quilty stuff tonight!  I put the binding on the old quilt that I am finishing for my friend, Mary.  Now I just have to do the hand sewing, which could take me several days!  My hubby has been watching the Ranger game and my dog, Chico, has been sticking close to him.  It has been a very relaxing evening.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Week!

I have done very little quilting this past weekend - it was Mother's Day and I spent it with family.  I did get the binding done on a quilt for my son-in-law.  I'm so slow when it comes to bindings, and I'm always so anxious to get the quilt finished that it seems that much slower!  I've had lots to do at my day job, and meetings at night, so I'm really ready to get some quilting done.  But... the AC upstairs in my studio is on the blink - the repairman is due this week to put a new unit in for the second floor.  It is a bit warm up there - but I just might brave the heat and get that binding made and attached for the quilt for my friend.  Then I can bring the quilt downstairs for the handwork!

I visited with my accounting guru about setting up my quilting business last week.  I have a lot to do!  But it is exciting to begin a new endeavor.

Friday, May 7, 2010

When I decided to start a blog, I only knew that I wanted it to be Fiber Arts related, with a lot of family stuff thrown in, because that is who I am.  I am a wanna be Fiber artist, hampered only by lack of time. 

I have always played around with fiber arts – making my own clothes, and clothes for my sister, mom, and my children.  I watched as both my grandmothers sewed both clothing and quilts– out of necessity – and I loved the creative process.  One of my earliest memories is of me stitching away at doll clothes – and doll quilts, and being totally engrossed.  I loved Home Ec in school, and initially wanted to be a home ec teacher, but life kind of got in the way.  I fell in love with a wonderful man, and we married, and had a fabulous family, and I got busy.  In my spare time, I sewed, started quilting in earnest, learned to knit and crochet (or I should say, relearned, because the grandmothers again had piqued my interest in those things.)  I dabbled in weaving, studied spinning, but never started, and planned all those projects I would start when I had the time.  I am still doing that – at the age of 63, I have finally realized that if I want my dream, I have to make the time for it, not just try to fit it in.
I have many, many projects going on at the same time!  I’ll gradually introduce them – don’t want to overwhelm anyone.  I just took a quilt off my Gammill – a very old top that a friend found in the attic of her very old house.  She was going to toss several tops she found, but asked if I would like them.  Of course I said yes, and now I’ve quilted the first one. I still have to bind it - not my favorite part of the process.  I’ll post a picture when I find my camera!  This quilt has several mildew and other stains and is not very square, but it   quilted nicely.  When I finish quilting it, and get it bound, I plan on dyeing it “tea” colored – I think that will help with the stains, and I’ll give it back to my friend. 

On the family front - this weekend is Mother's Day (Yeah!), and tomorrow we are having a family day at our house.  My hubby is building a playhouse for the grandkids, and everyone is coming over for the project.  We will cook hamburgers on the grill, and have a picnic.  It should be a great Saturday.  I may even get some quilting done - at least get that binding made and sewn on.  

Until the next time I log on - 

Blessings to all.