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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I don't like unsewing!

I've been busy putting the "Church Quilt" on my Gammill this past week.  This quilt is one that my small quilting group donates to the church where we meet each year as a thanks for letting us use the facility.  The top was donated by my friend, Judy, to the club and I get to quilt it this year.  I've been a little nervous about this.  I've quilted for myself and for gifts, but this is different!  I asked Judy how she would quilt it and she told me to put it on the machine and let it talk to you.  This has been one silent quilt!  I tried sweet talking it, scolding it, and even threatening it, but ..... nothing.  I picked out thread.  Still nothing.  I finally picked out a pantograph and set it up, and stitched about three inches - and something screamed "NO" - was it the quilt?  We'll never know.  I stopped and am now in the process of "unsewing" the stitches I made.(Note the seam ripper near the corner of the quilt!)  Starting over.  To make matters worse, it is about 90 degrees hot in my studio.  The AC is being replaced (bless those AC installers who are braving 100 degree heat in my attic right now!)  So - I am moving downstairs to the dining room (where it is a comfy 77 degrees) to cut out a skirt for the play that is to take place at the end of the month.  Gotta get moving on it.  Hubby is playing in a golf tourney today, so I have the house to myself (except for the AC guys), so I should get some serious sewing and quilting done.  I could clean the house instead, but ......

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