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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not enough time in my day!

Seems like this is a recurring theme in my posts-I could use a couple more hours each day. But when I'm busy, I'm happy!

I've just had a great visit with my oldest granddaughter from Seattle-she shares my love of sewing, quilting and crafts. She started a nine patch quilt while she was here, using squares that a friend had cut out and given to me, knowing how much I love scrap quilts. I was so impressed with her sewing skills-her quarter inch seam was precise and straight. Her color selections were great - she has a better grasp of contrast than I do. 

The weather is finally getting better here - it is actually in the 60 degree range right now (but it will get to the 90s by noon). Still much better than it was. I have started training again for a 5K run in November-but running on my treadmill is not the same as running outside so I'm looking forward to early morning runs at the track. The cooler weather is what I have needed to start pushing a little harder. My six year old grandson is running in the same race- he told me he was going to "leave me in his dust". He probably will!

I'm not sure what this is going to look like on the blog since I'm writing it on my iPad - I've attached a couple of pictures - one of my granddaughter and one of the beginnings of a quilt I am making with 9 patches (3 inch) from a swap we are doing in my small quilting group. I'm liking it.

Enough for now - keep those sewing machines humming!

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