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Monday, April 30, 2012

Great weekend

It was another beautiful weekend in Texas! My hubby and I worked outside in the yard and cleaned the chicken coop! Sounds like a really yucky job, but it really is not bad! And the "girls" reward us with such lovely and delicious eggs! After Mass, Saturday evening we went to a concert presented by the Tri-County Choral group -they were wonderful! The grand kids spent the night with us, and that is always a treat. Sunday, Glenda came over and quilted with me- we had a fun time visiting and planning for next weekend's quilting retreat. More on that later - I'll post pics of that fun weekend. I finished the second quilt for my daughter, Angela, in Seattle. I think it turned out quite well.

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  1. Another cute quilt! Sounds like you had fun over the weekend. I did too. I kept the grandkids all weekend and had birthday parties too. Boy, am I beat! I need some relax time at retreat!!!I can't wait. I gotta get busy and decide what I'm taking.