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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It has been a very busy time in our household!  Christmas came and went, and I'm still behind!  I've done some quilting, some knitting, some general sewing, but mostly, I've worked!  My husband and I have a business ( since 1983) and this economy has been hard on it.  We have downsized, and that meant laying off people - so sad, because they had worked with us for many years, and are like family.  We hope to climb out of this hole soon, but in the meantime, I am doing the job that used to be done by two people.  I am missing my assistant - she was the one that was the backbone of the office!  When I get home at night, I'm tired.  And there is still stuff at home to do!  The creative juices are still there, but there is just not enough time to create!  We are in the process of moving the office home and that is a good thing.  But it takes a lot of time and energy to do your job, pack stuff so you can find it when you move, and organize the new home office.  There's not a lot of time left over for anything else.  I keep telling myself that this too shall pass.   I just wish it would hurry and that I didn't have to go through it!  

Enough of my whining!

I did get a baby quilt made for my assistant's grand baby before she left!  It was a cute panel print and was super easy, but it turned out really nice.  

I've also made a couple of pincushions - they were so easy!  I did the embroidery on my Bernina, sewed and stuffed them - it was a quick project, and sometimes a person needs something to kick start them - this was it for me!
I'm working on several projects right now - I finished the embroidery and the piecing on the Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt that I'm making for a special little girl named Sarah, shown in the picture below being held by my hubby!  

It will be the next quilt on my Gammill. I'll post a pic when I get it on the machine! The pattern is from The Painted Quilt blog designed by Kaaren Johnston.  She is such a talented lady and has designed many beautiful quilts and wall hangings.  I did one of her wall hangings as a gift for our hostess for my trip to Illinois and Kentucky back in the summer.

This weekend, I'm meeting with the Library quilting group to make a donation quilt for our little library here in town.  We've decided to do a Texas Braid - pattern by Bonnie K. Hunter.  I'll take pics - it should be a lot of fun, and will be used as a fund raiser for new books and programs.  

I'll close with a pic I took of my rosemary bush this past weekend - this is February, and it's Texas - 
I'm ready for Spring!