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Thursday, December 22, 2011

See what I won!

I am one lucky quilter!  Linda at Living 4 Quilting http://living4quilting.blogspot.com/ had a give away and I won!

The new Jennifer Chiaverini book, The Wedding Quilt was the prize - it is a great book - I've already read most of it and am enjoying it!  But that's not all - Linda is amazing.  She included a beautiful hand tatted bookmark with it - she is multi talented.  Not only does she quilt, but she knits and tats.  Wow!

To top it off, she also included a really cute bag - it a called the Perfect Pouch by Lazy Girl!  Beautiful!  I love it.  It is perfect as a carrier for books, or - my IPad!  I am so happy with all my goodies!  Thank you so much, Linda, for everything!

I have finally finished my Christmas shopping - except for my dear hubby.  We have been remodeling our bathroom and we both decided that getting it retiled would be our gift to each other.  But I want to get him a little something to put in his stocking - anyone have any ideas?  I'll post pics of the new, improved bathroom when we get further along.  It is going to be great!

Three more days until Christmas, and I'm almost ready.  I still have grocery shopping to do, and one more potholder to make, and the house to clean!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is almost here and I’m so behind that I’ll never catch up, but that’s ok!  I’m at that stage where it doesn’t really matter that my house is not decorated like a magazine layout.  The tree is up, the Advent wreath is sitting on the kitchen table, and most gifts are purchased or made or in the process of being finished.  I have five days in which to finish.  Yahoo!!! 
I didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged in a while, and when I checked my blog I was so surprised.  Over a month – almost two.  I guess that I think about it every day, and write in my head – it just never makes it to the computer.  So, one of my resolutions this year is to update the blog at least once a week! 
Running is ….. not so good.  It has gotten cold and I’m just not good with the cold weather.  I still get on the elliptical machine and work out, but just can’t put on my running shoes in cold weather to run outside.  I have great admiration for anyone who can – I won’t say I never will, but at this point – no can do.  Maybe someone can give me some pointers to make the process of running in the cold, rain, snow, or otherwise bad weather a little more enticing.  Any suggestions? 

On to Christmas!  Last year, I made scarves for the stockings for everyone, and I can remember finishing up the last one on Christmas Eve!  They were a hit, so I decided to make aprons this year for the females in the family.  My hubby will take care of the males!  After completing the aprons, I realized that they would not fit into the stockings, so I have started making matching potholders for the stockings, and after they have found them,  I’ll present the girls with their aprons.  The only daughter who reads this blog is in Seattle, and I’ve already mailed hers (and one for the granddaughter there).  If you read this, Ang, I’ll be mailing your matching potholder after Christmas!! 

We have lots of changes taking place at our house – we are downsizing our family business and moving the office home.  I’m really kind of excited about it, because that means I’ll be closer to my studio and during down times, I can quilt!!  My hubby is getting close to retirement, and the contracting business is very slow right now.  We have been hard hit by this bad economy and I hurt for those who have lost their jobs.  My prayers are that this next year will be better for everyone. 
The week after our daughter’s wedding, my lovely step mother passed away.  Lora was loved by everyone.  She and my Dad got married after my mother died in 1998, and even though I missed my mom, I knew that Lora and Dad were perfect together.    Even though I lost my wonderful mother, I gained a great stepmother, and a new family of two sisters and a brother.   It was like a bonus family in my adulthood!  My father died five years ago, but that did not end our relationship with our stepmom.  She was so wise, not to mention a great cook, and was such a Christian lady!  I will miss her so much. 
A week after we lost Lora, one of my uncles died.  He was in his 90’s, and had lived a long and full life, but he will be sorely missed.  Uncle Charlie was so much fun.  I remember visiting him and Aunt Bea and going to the beach, playing in the surf, and building sandcastles.  I played with my cousins, and we were very close.  Uncle Charlie had lost two sons, and his wife and he was ready to go.  He missed them and knew that they were waiting for him, and even though it is hard to let someone go like him, we give thanks for his life and know that we will meet again someday. 
As you can see, we have had some ups and downs lately – One wedding and two funerals – kinda sounds like a movie plot, doesn’t it?
Christmas has always been my favorite time of year – I love the family get togethers, the food, the traditions we have established for our family, and especially, the “reason for the season”.    As the children have grown up and established their own family traditions, it makes me smile to see that they continue some of those rituals that we had when they were little.