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Monday, October 31, 2011

Running progress, a wedding, and Ghastlie winnings!

I don't know where the time goes, but it does past swiftly. So - to catch up :

Running - I am still sticking with the training program - but haltingly.  I run slower that my lovely 11 year old granddaughter walks.  Of course, her legs are longer than mine, and I have a few years on her, but when we are at the track, she laps me at least a couple of times each evening.  But I'll keep plugging along.  I'm not loving it, because I am a true couch potato!  I know it is good for me to keep moving, so that is motivation enough!

The wedding of our youngest daughter was on Saturday - it was wonderful.  The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, the ceremony was meaningful, and the reception was a lot of fun.  My favorite moment was the Daddy-Daughter dance.  My wonderful hubby danced with the bride, and then danced with the rest of his daughters - including our lovely daughter-in-law.  We are so blessed that our children have found spouses that become part of our family so easily.  Our new son is everything I could wish for our baby daughter - we could not have hand picked anyone better suited to her.  They leave tomorrow for their honeymoon and will be gone for two weeks - we will miss them!  

Now for the Ghastlie News - I hope you have been following the Ghastlies Blog Hop, sponsored by Madame Samm of "Sew We Quilt".  I have so enjoyed all the fun projects that bloggers have done using the fun "ghastlie" fabric line, and I have entered to win all the prizes.  I rarely win anything, so you can imagine my surprise this past week when I got an email from Ms. Karen Ghastlie saying I was the winner of her blog prize, and also that I was the winner on Madame Samm's blog -

This is what I won from Karen:  a cute "ghastlie" mini quilt, three hand knit mug rugs, and a skein of beautiful thread.  I received four yards of Alexander Henry's ghastlie fabric from Jane's Fabrics and Quilts as the prize from Madame Samm!  I'll photograph that later - it came in the mail today.  Now I just need to decide what to do with the fabric!  It has been a great week!