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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 UFO Challenge

I am attempting Patchwork Penguin's 2011 UFO Challenge, and the number she chose for January is #3.  On my list that is the Country Mystery Quilt - and I am ready!  It is all pieced and ready to quilt.  I was going to go to buy the backing today, but when I retrieved the top from the closet, the backing was folded and hanging with it. I realized that I had already purchased the fabric, so I am ready to quilt it.  Yeah!!!  This month should be easy to complete, which is good because I'm way behind on Quiltville's Roll Roll Cotton Boll!  More time for that!.

Happy New Year!

Another year has begun! I don't usually make resolutions because I usually just FAIL!  But, this year, I thought I'd give it a go with resolutions that are reasonable, and will make me a happier and better person. 
Resolution no. 1 is to declutter and clean out closets - I started at 5AM this morning (could not sleep!) and this afternoon I dropped off 12 sacks of discards at our local charity.  12 sacks - from my closet.  I'm a little embarressed that there was that much "stuff" in there that I do not use.  Purses, comforters, pillow shams, and lots of clothes that I have had for a long time, some with tags still on them.  I feel so much better having done this.  Five closets to go.
Resolution no. 2 - exercise more - at least four days a week.  We got an eliptycal machine this past week and it is in our bedroom.  I just hope that I don't use it as a clothes rack like I did with the treadmill!  I start tonight - and will keep you posted on my progress!
Resolution no. 3 - ditch the games - this one hurts because I enjoy playing computer games - it is a good way to unwind, but I realized that I was spending way too much time playing.  So - and this was hard - I deleted all the games from my Facebook page, and even the game apps on my Iphone.  Let's see how long this lasts.  It has already had positive effects on my quilting - at lunch, while my honey is taking a nap, I usually sit down at the computer and play games.  Today, I went upstairs to my studio and put a quilt on my longarm machine instead!  That is progress!
Resolution no. 4 - Eat healthier.  Cut down on sugar and soda.  Ok - I'm addicted to Diet Coke, and crave candy - but, I'm gonna try.  I had one Hershey kiss after lunch today - tonight, I'm tossing the rest of the Christmas candy.  Well, maybe, I'll put some in the freezer as a treat when I've been very good!  I've instructed my honey to forget buying any sodas for me when he stocks up. 

Thats enough!   If I can keep these resolutions I can do anything!

Over the weekend, I did quilt a table runner - it was a panel that I won as a door prize in one of my small quilting groups.  I quilted "wonky feathers" on it - this is a pattern from Dawn Ramirez - the Pajama Quilter.  I love her workbooks and DVD's - she makes it look easy and it is if you practice, practice like she tells you.
I'll post a pic when I find my camera - it is hiding again!